We are living longer than ever, but are we living better?

Our Services

Medical Services

Comprehensive Medical Assessment
Depression Screening
Vision / Hearing Tests
Individual Nutrition / Diet Plan
Appropriate Exercises for you
Review of your medications
Preventive Care - Vaccinations and Medicines
Health Camps
Home Based Physiotherapy

Social Services

Companionship Services
This involves providing Intellectual Companionship to older adults online or in their own homes. This service is for older adults who are lonely either because they live alone or do not feel close enough to others in their environment. The facility involves conducting an assessment of older adults needs and interests and directing them towards activities based on the assessment.
Psycho-Social Assessment
We conduct an assessment regarding psychological and behavioural issues that an older adult has. We also assess social needs of an older adult providing companionship and support. We attempt to connect older adults to senior citizens associations in their vicinity.
Accompanying Elderly on Outings
We accompany older adults for outside visits and outings which could involve visits to the doctor, social visits or just walks.
Creative Workshops
This involves conducting workshops for older adults to learn new skills, for cognitive stimulation and also recreational activities for them.
Brain Stimulation Activities
Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise and activity for overall health and well-being of an older adult. Brain stimulation activities help in improving brain function and keeping the mind sharp.
Specialised Care of Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's through our Partners
Through collaboration with specialised organisations working in the field of dementia, we provide individual cognitive stimulation and companionship activities for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Regular Support Group Meetings / Workshops
Graceful Living conducts support group meetings (currently online) with seniors on medical and social issues which are important and pertinent to them. These meetings are interactive and the purpose is to provide support and a platform for them to express their grievances, thoughts and feelings.
Sensitisation Sessions with Youth
We conduct sensitisation sessions with school and college children and youth, with the purpose of sensitising them towards older adults. The main purpose of these sessions is to convey to them that all of us will grow old some day and hence it is important to be sensitive towards older adults.


In COVID times we are providing these services online too. Do connect us for any Medical or Social Services you need.

About Graceful Living

Loneliness is a major issue faced by older adults as shown by a recent survey which found that 65% older adults in India feel lonely. When it comes to old age, only physical issues related to aging are emphasised, other needs of seniors are not taken into consideration. Graceful Living came into existence out of a realisation that social, psychological, intellectual, recreational needs of seniors are as important and need to be looked into. Hence Graceful Living started providing Companionship to seniors in their own homes. Along with providing individual and group services, Graceful Living also conducts various activities and programs for associations of seniors so they can look at aging in a more positive, constructive and a meaningful way!

Graceful Living provides social services to older adults through other Elder Care organisations who act as their partners.

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