Tulsi Trust

Tulsi Trust has a roadmap which shows a vision of a world which is fair and just for all; its mission is to improve access to health care, provide opportunities for livelihood and to enhance the quality of education; its values include empathy, the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other being’s frame of reference, excellence and quality in all services, and moral uprightness.

Tulsi Trust works on 4 levels: Health care, Skills Development, Education, Feeding the poor

Health Care

Providing access to quality and affordable health care is of essence. Tulsi Trust supports a wide range of projects which include helping the poor and sick in several ways: supporting health check-ups; eye surgeries and medical treatment; nutritious meals given to leprosy-affected people and the poor.

Skills Development

The Trust aims to improve the quality of life of the youth, their prospects of work, their mobility and their contribution to social development. Skills are developed and building skills is a method to improve the efficacy of labour in overall production. This aspect of skills development can take the growth rate of the economy to a higher level. It can also be seen as an instrument to empower the individual and improve his/her social acceptance.


To ensure equal and quality education for all which we know is a powerful tool for development. To take the country forward, education of children with a special focus on the girl child is important. Tulsi Trust has supported individuals/children from rural areas where financial constraints play a major role and it thus ensures quality of education.

Feeding the poor

Ensure sufficient quantity and quality meal for the needy and poor. Not only do the consequences of not enough – or the wrong – food cause suffering and poor health, they also slow progress in many other areas of development like education and employment. Poor and inadequate nutrition also leaves children vulnerable to diseases and illness, and can cause stunted growth.