Graceful Living


To be the best service facilitator for seniors and to work towards aging becoming a positive and meaningful experience.


Provide comprehensive holistic medical, social, psychological and emotional services to older adults’ through partnership with existing elder care organisations and volunteers. Working with partner experts to provide services needed for seniors who are alone and needy.

Older adults need to be actively involved in accordance with their needs and interests and opportunities need to be provided so they can fulfil their potential.

Graceful Living

Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. ‘To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours’. -Tia Walker
The proportion of older adults is increasing all over the world. In India, population trends and forecasts undertaken by the Government and several other agencies have pointed out that aging should be one of the most critical concerns for India. This rapidly growing older adult population coupled with increasing life expectancy, improved affordability and evolving family structures across rural and urban India makes it mandatory to organise the fragmented senior ecosystem. Considering that ageing in place is the first option which should be explored for older adults, there are very few services for older adults which could be provided in their own homes. Also, the general perception towards aging is negative. This needs to change.

In order to effectively deal with the above issues, Tulsi Trust started Graceful Living project in 2018. Tulsi Trust established in August 1975 with an aim to provide the basics to the poor and needy. At a deeper level, it’s more than indulging in physical activities for the general good. Health care, Skills development and Education are the top three priorities. Tulsi Trust initiated ‘Graceful Living’ project to promote health care and social well-being of senior citizens.
A venture of this nature is well poised to achieve the aims of the founders of Jaslok Hospital and Tulsi Trust, which is ‘no person should be left unattended, for want of medical care and personal well-being’. The motto of ‘caring capitalism’ is thus carried out to its absolute conclusion.