Ms. Laxmi Orpe

Snehvardhan Seniors Association, Andheri

A discussion session was held with members of Snehvardhan Seniors Association, Bimanagar Society. We were kept informed about Graceful Living and its activities/various programs. A forum like Graceful Living is so appropriate for senior citizens these days. Rarely do you find an organization that focuses on the problems and needs of the elderly.

Ms. Varsha Sinkar

Member, Neral Seniors Association

All meetings of GL are excellent. What I enjoy most are Dr Prem’s sessions on medical issues. They provide us with vital information on well-being and fitness. I love attending these meetings.

Arun Rao

Goregaon Seniors Association

I was a first-time participant in the Zoom meet of 5 May. I enjoyed singing and listening to others. An excellent concept by Graceful Living to engage senior citizens and exhibit their various talents like singing, story-telling and poetry recitation. I appreciate the sincere efforts put in by the Graceful Living team. Keep up the good work.

Ms. Mangla Kadam

Member, Goregaon Seniors Group.

I have been attending Graceful Living meetings since the last four months. GL always does its best for senior citizens by arranging the right programs required for them. I have attended the multi-lingual songs meet and the Gupshup sessions. On World Health Day, a meeting conducted by Dr Prem on Healthy Life & Healthy Ageing was really good. Keep it up.

Ms. Bina Rao

Regular attendee of Support Group Meetings at Jaslok. Hospital

The ‘dance movement activity’ program conducted on 15 September was great fun. Stretching exercises, simple dancing steps, sitting on a chair and creating movements, were very enjoyable and relaxing. Thanks for conducting such programs for seniors.

Ms. Sushma Pagnis

Ghatkopar Senior Association

The quiz program in April on the Ramayana and the Mahabharata conducted by Ms Amruta Lovekar was very well conducted. After attending this program, I felt so fulfilled. Learned so much from it.

Mr. Eaknath Khamkar

Dosti Group, Wadala

I attended your meeting held in April, and the topic was a quiz on the two epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. I learned a lot after attending this session as however much one knows, it is never enough. Questions were asked and all were eager to answer. Thank you, GL, for creating a good opportunity and enriching the lives of seniors.

Mr. Sudher Chaudhari

Kandivali Senior Association

Meeting conduct on REBT on April 25 was very useful. The clarity of presentation and knowledge of the subject matter were average. The topic was relevant for me. Learn new things and new information for this session. Conduct meetings on new topics. Thank You.

Ms. Rupali A. Lalla

Dignity Foundation Coordinator- Vashi CMC

This is a note of thanks from the Dignity Foundation’s Vashi Centre for conducting an excellent session on "Successful Ageing" on April 12, 2023. We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Amruta Lovekar and Graceful Living for this. Such amazing insights and in-depth perspectives, laced with her amazing quotes, intertwined with interesting anecdotes and true stories! The Hindi poems were the icing on the cake! It was a not-to-be-missed session! Further, we would request that she conduct at least one session per month, as our members really find her sessions very helpful.

Ms. Latika Naik

Nana Nani School

Meeting conducted on January 27 at Nana Nani School on Brain Gym Exercise was excellent, and clarity of presentation was excellent. It was encouraging for participation. The topic was relevant because it was related to the brain. We never thought of brain exercise as something that would increase memory and help keep the brain alert, active, and healthy. Thank you for conducting this useful meeting.

Mr. Rasesh Shroff

Regular Attendees Group

The meeting conducted on brain gym exercises at our Santacruz senior association was very informative and educational. The meeting was very useful for me. I would love to attend another meeting of yours. Thank you for this, and do conduct these types of sessions.

Ms. Priyadarshani Nabar

Goregaon Senior Association

I attended the meeting on successful ageing on February 22. I received a lot of new information from it. The clarity of the presentation was very good. It was a very relevant topic. It was an encouraging session. Thank you for conducting these types of sessions.

Deepa Bharani

Regular attendee of Support Group Meetings (online).

I am very grateful to Graceful Living for arranging webinars and guest lectures on issues related to ageing. I personally like to attend all the online programs. Recently, the guest talk on 'The role of neuropsychology in ageing' was an eye-opener in which Dr Shraddha Shah explained the topic in a very interesting and empathetic way, focussing on memory and brain function. I liked the prevention part very much, where she articulated on 'how to follow a neuro-plastic lifestyle'. Thanks once again for conducting such useful and informative programs for senior citizens.

Ms. Rashida Chittalwala

Mazagaon Seniors Association

Meetings conducted by Graceful Living are definitely inspiring and motivating. The meeting conducted during a yoga session called "360 degrees of freedom" was a new learning experience. I enjoyed this meeting a lot and I learned new things. Thanks to the Rotary Club for arranging this session. We get valid information and are learning to lead a healthy life in these critical times of the virus and after. Your contribution and effort are very much appreciated.

Ms. Anita Shinde

Dosti Group, Wadala

The quiz on the two epics was very well conducted. GL has taught me the art of learning and the explanation was very apt. I really enjoyed this meet. Thank you, Graceful Living. I will definitely recommend seniors to attend your programs with relatives and friends. This was a good activity. The slides and questions were well presented.

Ms. Rekha Gokhale

Dombivili Senior Association

The session conducted on successful ageing on 20 March was interesting. I was very motivated after attending this session and did gain a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Mrs. Anjali Shanbagh

Ghatkopar Snehvardhini Group

GL conducted a session on logotherapy on Women’s Day and it was well appreciated. It was positive in its approach. The name of the game is looking forward in life. Please do conduct regular sessions on such subjects so that we seniors can benefit.

Ms. Lalita Dumber

Regular attendee of Support Group Meetings

The guest lecture held on 23 March was very good, Dr. A. K. Sen Gupta gave maximum information in a short time, and I liked it very much because we all want to live life with happiness no matter what the situation is; it is not something in our hands, so to do what is in our hands is to give joy and enjoy.

Mr. Devdatta Nagpure

Regular attendee, Dombivili Senior Association

The meeting on ‘successful ageing’ held on 20 March with the Dombivili senior association was well conducted by Ms Amruta. Clarity of the presentation was very good. The session was useful. After attending this meeting I understood a lot about ageing and how to deal with it.

Mr. Devdatta Nagpure

Seniors Association, Sanpada

Graceful Living meetings are very informative. It is good to know that me is allotted for sharing our thoughts / issues. I am learning so much from these meetings.

Mr. Nandakumar Dakhane

Secretary, Seniors Association, BEST Colony, Ghatkopar

Graceful Living Meetings are very useful for seniors. They often handle the subjects of interest and concern for seniors, which people usually hesitate to talk about, sensitive issues like showing respect to our elders in the family.

Mrs. Nanda Londhe

Arya Chanakya Nagar Seniors Association, Kandivli

The essay competition held was good. It created a space to share our experiences. Graceful Living Is doing good work and it can unravel emerging needs and support for seniors.

Ms. Ujwal Pathare

Dilasa Seniors Group, Dadar

Graceful Living celebrated its second anniversary (Zoom) on 18/12/20 and I simply enjoyed the events. I don’t know how my two hours sped by. It was excellent.

Ms. Alka Wadhavkar

Thane Seniors Association and prize winner for the essay competition

I am grateful for the meaningful meetings Graceful Living holds. Thank you. I was honored to be part of the October 1 programme which was very good. The speakers shared important facts and ideas and I will definitely attend future online meetings.

Ms. Savita Nayak

Laughter Seniors Association, Dombivli

Thanks a lot for your good programmes while keeping in mind the betterment of senior citizens. I did want to say a few words at the last meeting but am waiting to do so the next time. God bless you all. God bless your team.

Ms. Maureen D’Sa

Retired HR Administrator to Executive Director, Kellogg's India

Enjoyed going through the November Newsletter. Very nicely put together, and loved the editorials which have a very nice and easy flowing style. I am sharing it with other senior citizens.

Ms. Maya Mirchandani

Seniors Association of Prabhadevi

The support group meetings of GL are interesting and informative. We have learned much about seniors health problems by attending these meetings. Some facial and other exercises have also been presented for our benefit. We are thankful to Mr. Manoj Gursahani for his efforts. God bless you all.

Ms. Rashida Chittalwala

Mazagaon Seniors Association

Meetings conducted by Graceful Living (GL) are definitely inspiring and motivating. We get valid information and are learning to lead a healthy life in these critical times of the virus. Your contribution and effort is very much appreciated.

Mr. Deshpande

Dilasa Elder Care Group

Dilasa group members like the selection of the topics / subjects and Graceful Living’s planning methods. And of course its efforts are admirable.

Mr. Shrikant Mahajan

BEST Senior Citizen Association, Ghatkopar

The technology training program was good. Mrs. Golbalkar, the tech trainer, explained the concepts very well. Graceful Living is a well spread organization and is recognized because it works in simplicity.

Mr. Jakatdar

Senior Citizen Association, Dombivli West

Graceful Living programs are always ‘graceful’. Their main contention – live with joy in your senior years. Looking forward to more such programs in the future.

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