Ms. Shashilekha Gajendragadkar

Graceful Living programs are appropriate for seniors as they are informative and motivating and do provide good entertainment. There should be a serious bend towards spirituality. We would like to conduct a combined meeting with GL.

Ms. Y Kapur

ex-Air India air-hostess

The idea of having a regular printed Newsletter has been an excellent idea. We get information of the negative aspects of ageing and can work towards improving our style of living with exercises and a good diet. Establishing a regular way of keeping in touch with ‘our’ old age is something to be grateful for. I don’t attend meetings, but reading your news is definitely helpful. Thank you Graceful Living.

Ms. Nirmala Bhatija

President of seniors association in Khar

I had a glimpse of your Newsletter. I must say your organisation is playing a highly commendable role in the life of elders and winning many blessings. You have missed out on a vital aspect…empowering the mind with powerful thoughts to be stable and happy, like doing good karmas

Mr. Milind Acharya

Trustee, Deep Archan Charitable Trust

The Zoom session on ‘Immunity for Seniors’ was very informative. Dr. Pratha broke the myth about immunity and explained how physical exercises are important. She explained that these are simple, stress-free exercises. My daily routine comprises these exercises and I find them very energizing.

Mr. Prakash Lakhapate,

President, Nerul Seniors Association, New Mumbai

The recent Brain Gym exercises session on 4 May was an eye-opener and was very welcome as we are all fed up of sitting at home with very little social activity. Ms. Amruta conducted these exercises along with a quiz session. Everyone enjoyed the quiz and the level of fatigue among the participants was low. Thanks for arranging this session and fulfilling our needs.

General Guru Sharma (Rtd)

I was more than surprised when I went on the web and found a Newsletter dedicated to senior citizens. I ran through the Graceful Living Newsletters (the last six) as I do browse quite a bit on the net. They make interesting reading for seniors like me. It’s not only the information that struck me but also the way the pages have been demarcated into sections and doctors/people’s views, the last page with some puzzles and the cartoons. It makes us look at ourselves and enjoy our age. The edit too has always been very free flowing and readable.

Mr. Jayasheel Shetty

Kandivali Seniors Association

The session by Dr Kirpalani, the nephrologist, on 23 April was not only interesting, but very informative. But most of all, his explanation with the help of slides made it all so clear and comprehensible. Please do keep me informed when you have guest speakers coming on Zoom giving details on specific health issues.

Ms. Vimal Mohite,

regular participant of GL meetings, Kandivali

Your recent Zoom meeting addressed by Dr. Ashok Kirpalani on 23 April 2021, gave me much information. It was technical but the doctor explained it all so well that I was able to understand the complicated stuff. He seems to have that rare skill of explaining the unknown by the known. Thanks for arranging such a session.

Ms. Asawari Fadnis,

President of Central Co-ordination Committee of Seniors Associations of Thane

I attended Dr. Prem’s support group meeting on ‘falls in older adults’. I enjoyed it as all our questions were answered. As per a recent survey, 90 per cent of senior citizens in the US have nasty falls. GL is a boon for the elderly, more so during the pandemic. Thank you.

Mr. Padmakar Desai

Marathi Essay Competition participant

The Gupshup sessions that Graceful Living conducts are really good and enjoyable. All Gupshup programmes have been fun so far. Thanks for including me in the invitation. I have already spread the word about this programme.

Ms. Alka Yadhavkar

Thane Seniors Association

I was very happy with Dr. Prem’s talk on ‘falls in older adults'. He explained various aspects of falling and how to protect oneself from these falls in old age. His interaction with the audience was very impressive. I am thankful to Graceful Living and Dr. Prem for this information.

Ms. Joytie Zutshi,

retd senior English school teacher

I have been going through your newsletters regularly. I appreciate the work you people are doing bringing out this literature. It carries a lot of needed information for the elderly. Even giving round-the-world latest news in the elderly camp and various statistics are of great help. What I also appreciate is the information on various exercises. Thank you, Graceful Living.

Companionship Service User (son)

Companionship Sessions

A note of thanks to GL (Ms. Amruta) for the time she spent with my mum during the past eight weeks. Although the interaction was via zoom, in spite of a lack of physical contact, the counseling sessions have benefitted my mother. Complete trust has been established. At her age, to experience this with a complete stranger without a personal presence is remarkable. Thanks to technology and more importantly, the skills in understanding my mother and making her comfortable.

Mr. Prakash Joshi

Thane Seniors Association

The support group meeting on ‘Managing Medicines’ taught us a lot about medicines and their side effects. Even the Gupshup program for seniors is highly interactive and gives us a chance to participate in activities. All in all, GL is a wonderful platform for senior citizens.

S G Patel

Secretary, Kokan Region FESCOM

The Gupshup program held on 9 March was different and interesting. The first story narrated was about one brave woman who converts her ‘thief’ brother and changes the life of her village; the second was about Raye Montaque, a Marine Engineer in the US, and her fight against discrimination. The program was good and we all willingly participated.

Mr. Davinder Singh

participant of regular support group meetings

The session I attended on Covid vaccination for senior adults was very relevant. It was well attended. I will definitely recommend seniors to attend GL programs with relatives and friends.

Ms. Anila Fadnavis

Pune Participant

The Gupshup session organized by Graceful Living was interesting. Stories about two scientists were discussed with us. Initially, they felt like children's tales, but the quiz based on Science topics made it special. All participants were agog with enthusiasm. There was one among us who knew most of the answers. This was a good activity. The slides, questions were well presented. Thank you GL.

Mr. Chandrakant Parpillewar

Secretary, Jyestha Nagrik Sangh Sanpada

I attended the meeting on February 4, 2021, which was on “Multiple Medications” and its effects on seniors. We were informed about multiple medications and the precautions to be taken under such circumstances. It was a well-organized meeting by GL. I do look forward to such meetings.

Ms. Neena Kundra

participant of regular support group meetings

Wonderful sessions are being held by GL on a regular basis. They are very useful to us. I always attend your sessions. Thanks to the Graceful Living team.

Ms. Alka Mahajan

Ghatkopar Seniors Association

The last program of Gupshup was very good but it started very late. Please try and start it on time. The speakers are good and they discuss about seniors with great enthusiasm. There are many different activities so everyone is involved which is good. A duration of one-and-a-half hours is perfect.

Mr. J B Mudaliar

Goregaon Seniors Association

Your trust has provided a good platform for seniors to express and present their issues. I am very happy to attend your meetings and Webinars. Thank you, Graceful Living.

Mr. Yashwant Deshpande

Hon Director, Shushrusha Hospital, Dadar

Presentations made by the three monthly guest speakers have been excellent. Please try and reproduce them in your monthly newsletters. They are worth preserving and could be documented for reference.

Ms. Sanjivani Kulkarni

Mulund Seniors Association

The support group meetings are not only good but relevant. The talk on arts and crafts is what I really enjoyed most.

Ms. Shubhangi Tambe

Dadar Seniors Association

I enjoyed the Gupshup program very much. It was a useful session. What I really enjoyed is the entertainment part as well as the discussions on Akbar and Birbal. Will share with family and friends.

Mr. Devdatta Nagpure

Seniors Association, Sanpada

Graceful Living meetings are very informative. It is good to know that me is allotted for sharing our thoughts / issues. I am learning so much from these meetings.

Mr. Nandakumar Dakhane

Secretary, Seniors Association, BEST Colony, Ghatkopar

Graceful Living Meetings are very useful for seniors. They often handle the subjects of interest and concern for seniors, which people usually hesitate to talk about, sensitive issues like showing respect to our elders in the family.

Mrs. Nanda Londhe

Arya Chanakya Nagar Seniors Association, Kandivli

The essay competition held was good. It created a space to share our experiences. Graceful Living Is doing good work and it can unravel emerging needs and support for seniors.

Ms. Ujwal Pathare

Dilasa Seniors Group, Dadar

Graceful Living celebrated its second anniversary (Zoom) on 18/12/20 and I simply enjoyed the events. I don’t know how my two hours sped by. It was excellent.

Ms. Alka Wadhavkar

Thane Seniors Association and prize winner for the essay competition

I am grateful for the meaningful meetings Graceful Living holds. Thank you. I was honored to be part of the October 1 programme which was very good. The speakers shared important facts and ideas and I will definitely attend future online meetings.

Ms. Savita Nayak

Laughter Seniors Association, Dombivli

Thanks a lot for your good programmes while keeping in mind the betterment of senior citizens. I did want to say a few words at the last meeting but am waiting to do so the next time. God bless you all. God bless your team.

Ms. Maureen D’Sa

Retired HR Administrator to Executive Director, Kellogg's India

Enjoyed going through the November Newsletter. Very nicely put together, and loved the editorials which have a very nice and easy flowing style. I am sharing it with other senior citizens.

Ms. Maya Mirchandani

Seniors Association of Prabhadevi

The support group meetings of GL are interesting and informative. We have learned much about seniors health problems by attending these meetings. Some facial and other exercises have also been presented for our benefit. We are thankful to Mr. Manoj Gursahani for his efforts. God bless you all.

Ms. Rashida Chittalwala

Mazagaon Seniors Association

Meetings conducted by Graceful Living (GL) are definitely inspiring and motivating. We get valid information and are learning to lead a healthy life in these critical times of the virus. Your contribution and effort is very much appreciated.

Mr. Deshpande

Dilasa Elder Care Group

Dilasa group members like the selection of the topics / subjects and Graceful Living’s planning methods. And of course its efforts are admirable.

Mr. Shrikant Mahajan

BEST Senior Citizen Association, Ghatkopar

The technology training program was good. Mrs. Golbalkar, the tech trainer, explained the concepts very well. Graceful Living is a well spread organization and is recognized because it works in simplicity.

Mr. Jakatdar

Senior Citizen Association, Dombivli West

Graceful Living programs are always ‘graceful’. Their main contention – live with joy in your senior years. Looking forward to more such programs in the future.

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