Meetings at clubs / outdoors

The purpose of having meetings at Clubs is to create an awareness about Geriatrics, Gerontology, and the Department of Geriatric Medicine, Jaslok Hospital, It is also to throw light on research findings on Successful Ageing which could be used to make ageing a productive and meaningful experience.

January 23, 2019: Radio Club, Colaba, Mumbai

This was the first meeting which was held at Radio Club 6 pm onwards. A large senior gathering (members only) included men and women in equal numbers. A total of 41 members attended.

It included a session on Geriatrics, geriatric assessment, geriatric syndromes, followed by a talk on successful ageing. A self-reflective activity was held for the seniors on their experience of ageing.

January 24, 2019: Willingdon Club, Worli, Mumbai

This included 40 senior members of the club. The meeting started off with a session on Geriatrics, geriatric assessment, medical problems in old age followed by myths associated with ageing. It was an interactive session which the attendees found informative and useful.

February 13, 2019: CCI, Churchgate, Mumbai

The club first had a session on Geriatrics and geriatric assessment, followed by a talk on Gerontology and Successful Ageing. There was a talk on ‘physiotherapy for older people’ which highlighted the benefits of regular exercise. This was followed by a question-answer session.

February 16, 2019: Malabar Hill Club, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

There were 42 attendees of senior citizen members who attended this meeting. It included a session on Geriatrics and physiotherapy which was followed by questions/answers.

March 18, 2019: Nana Nani School, Thakurdwar, Mumbai

This session was held in a special school for older adults numbering around 45. There was a talk on Geriatrics and Gerontology, successful ageing and physiotherapy for the seniors.