Services and Activities

Companionship and Counselling for Older Adults

This involves understanding their needs and conducting one to one sessions with them which includes communicating with them, helping them to share their problems, conducting activities with them for mental exercise. Counselling is also provided for those who require emotional support or psychological help.

Group Cognitive Stimulation Activity sessions

These are conducted by Graceful Living in collaboration with Echoing Healthy Ageing. These are specially designed for older adults in a customized way which includes mentally stimulating activities, exercises to stimulate cognitive functioning in the domains of memory, attention, planning, reasoning, Executive Control. Perception, Comprehension for seniors.

Technology Training

This involves teaching seniors basics of operating computers, laptops, mobiles and mobile apps. This session is customised for seniors with practical one to one training conducted by experienced technology trainers.

Physiotherapy sessions online and at home

Graceful Living connects you to experienced physiotherapists who work with older adults. They also conduct short term online and offline short-term educational courses on ‘Prevention of Falls’ and others issues afflicting seniors.

Support group meetings with senior groups on social and medical topics

Graceful Living conducts support group meetings with senior groups and senior citizens associations on various social as well as medical topics related to aging. The main purpose of these meetings is to disseminate knowledge about aging and provide a platform for seniors to talk and share their views and experiences.

Guest Lectures and Webinars

This involves getting experts from various fields related to aging who talk about their work with older adults and aging issues. Both these are conducted online which has the advantage of getting experts on one common platform which would otherwise be difficult.

Art, craft based sessions and alternative therapy sessions

These online sessions are conducted by art therapists who customise these sessions keeping in mind interests and the pace of seniors attending the meeting. Till now, we have had sessions on dance movement therapy, reflective journaling, origami, greeting card making.

Legal Aid

We provide legal consultation through a very experienced lawyer. Our lawyer can provide you with legal guidance and options for resolving issues. These consultations are available once or twice a month.

Training youth for creating a cadre for working with older adults

With the purpose of training people for working with older adults, we run courses titled ‘Elder Companionship’ with MMP Shah College mainly for Sociology students. The main purpose of this course is to sensitise students towards older adults, provide knowledge related to aging and prepare them as companions for seniors living alone or have loneliness issues.

Youth Sensitisation towards aging and older adults

We conduct sensitisation sessions with school students and college students towards older adults and aging. The main message is that all of us are going to be old someday and hence we need to be sensitive to older adults. Our sessions are interactive with practical tips regarding how to better interact with seniors and understand them better.

Recreational program with Care Home

We conduct innovative, recreational, brain stimulation programs especially for seniors from care homes. We visit these homes physically and conduct these programs with all the residents and also train staff in Eldercare wherever required.
Some of the programs we have done with Care Homes are Quiz on Ramayana and Mahabharata, Brain Gym Exercises, Cardiomelon Exercises.

Volunteer Program

We encourage seniors to volunteer their time, experience, knowledge and skills for Graceful Living activities. We provide orientation about Graceful Living, the work that we do and enlist ways in which seniors could help us out.