Youth Sensitisation Program

This program was initiated in June’2022. This involves conducting sessions with school and college children to sensitise them towards older adults and aging. Research has shown that intergenerational learning benefits both older and younger people leading to greater wellbeing, respect and understanding between different generations. Children are shown to have better attitudes towards older people leading to reduction of myths and stereotypes associated with aging and older adults.

Towards implementing this, we conduct sensitization programs customizing them according to age groups depending on the time allotted by the school. Our programs are highly interactive using stories, films, role plays and real life experiences.

Till now we have conducted these sessions with schools and colleges all over Mumbai reaching out to more than 4000 youth. The response has been overwhelming as school authorities have generally given very positive feedback expressing that this is a much-needed program considering the widening communication gap between older and younger generations.

Some of the schools and colleges where we have conducted sensitisation sessions are Vissanji Academy, Hiranandani Foundation School, Pawar Public School, Guru Nanak School, Ruia College, Kirti College.